Grandparents Rights

Grandparents rights to see  grand children in San Jose California - Ane Murphy lawyer

Rights of Grandparents in California

The relationship between a child and his or her grandparents is almost always a great source of joy for all concerned. Unfortunately, a divorce, the death of a parent, or a drastic change in family circumstances can leave many grandparents on the outside looking in when it comes to maintaining their grandparent-grandchild relationships.

At the Law Office of Ane Murphy, we help grandparents who, for many different reasons, are threatened with the loss of the grandparent to grandchild relationship. If you or your grandchild live in the San Jose, Silicon Valley or Santa Clara County region and you want to maintain your grandparenting time, Ane Murphy can help.

What Are Your Rights?

In addition to its application in child custody and visitation cases, the best interest of the child standard may also be applied to cases involving grandparents’ rights. As such, if we can demonstrate the value of the relationship you have with your grandchild then it is likely that some amount of visitation time will be granted. If necessary, Ane Murphy can help in obtaining such a court order if that is the only way to ensure your rights as a Grandparent are protected.

However, if there was never a legal marriage involved and your son or daughter is the non-custodial parent then your rights are not automatic and the process for asserting them becomes much more difficult.

Whether your issues began with a divorce, the death of your son or daughter, or as a result of your child being stationed overseas, please contact the Law Office of Ane Murphy in Silicon Valley in San Jose, California, to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your rights as a grandparent.