Marriage Annulment

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Annulment of Marriage in California

Sometimes having a marriage annulled is more appropriate than a divorce. If the Court grants an annulment, it is really saying that the marriage never existed. The Law Office of Ane Murphy, Attorney at Law, has been effectively helping people secure marriage annulments for years. We handle void and voidable marriages from the most simple to the most complex situations.

To obtain a marriage annulment, contact the Santa Clara marriage annulment Law Office of Ane Murphy. We’ll explain the annulment process to you and what it means in California.

A Void marriage is an illegal marriage that can never be recognized as a legal marriage in California. Examples include bigamous and incestuous unions.

A Voidable marriage is a legal marriage that can be deemed a non-marriage by filing a court action and obtaining a decree of nullity which means that the marriage is similar to never having existed. Even long-term marriages can be decreed annulled, but a basis for having it annulled must be present.

Does the Length of the Marriage Make a Difference?

The length of the marriage does not have a bearing on whether a marriage is voidable. Marriages that last many years can be annulled, if voidable reasons exist. On the other hand, termination of marriages that only last a few days sometimes require a divorce because there are no voidable reasons for annulment.

Some valid reasons for an annulment include underage participants, prior existing marriage, physical incapacity, marriage by force, unsound mind, and fraud.

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