Minors Counsel

Represent children as Minors counsel San Jose Ane Murphy family law attorney

Children are the biggest victims in a high-conflict divorce or a high-conflict custody battle. Attorney Ane Murphy has been representing children for many years in high conflict cases by being appointed by the Judge of Superior Court or sought out by an Attorney for their client in Santa Clara County.

Depending on the case, Attorney Ane Murphy completely investigates on behalf of the child or children. An initial meeting is set with the minor child or children. Ane Murphy will then meet with the parents, get input from the Court, review the files, make school visits, talk with teachers, doctors, therapists, and anyone who is involved in the welfare of the child.

Attorney Ane Murphy is the children’s attorney and has the power to file Motions in the Court and provide information to the Court on the children’s behalf.

Being a Minors’ Counsel is not the same as defending a juvenile in Criminal Court or Dependency Court. Minors’ Counsel is appointed by the Family Court to represent the child in a high-conflict Divorce or custody matter. A parent or parent’s attorney can request that the Court appoint Minors’ Counsel but the decision to appoint Minor’s Counsel or not rests with the Family Law Judge.

Attorney Ane Murphy’s experiences include:

When you consult with the Law Office of Ane Murphy, you will be getting:

  • Legal advice
  • Access to any necessary outside resources needed such as psychologists, custody evaluators, therapists, investigators, or analysts
  • An Attorney who is committed
  • An Attorney who is well-respected by many Judges within the legal community

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